Thursday 30 June 2011

Currently Reading: Rich Girl, Poor Girl by Lesley Lokko

Nic, Caryn and Tory: three girls who form a friendship that should last a lifetime. Nic is the daughter of a white Zimbabwean business tycoon. Despite a life of jaw-dropping wealth and privilege, all she really wants is a bit of attention from daddy. Caryn never met her father - but growing up on a tough London sink estate, she had other things to worry about. Like getting out and moving on. Tory just yearns for some space to be herself. Living in the shadow of your dead sister is tough, particularly when she seemed to be everything you're not. Then beautiful, ruthless Estelle McKenzie appears on the scene. Estelle has a secret - and one way or another, she's going to make each woman pay a very high price for it. (via

Here we go with book number 3! I have no idea what to expect from this one as I've never read anything by Lesley Lokko before. But, 20 pages in, I'm enjoying it so far. It seems very elegantly written with lots of description, and four very different female characters (PLUS third person narrative - yes!) The front of the book says that the three girls are friends, but I've yet to find out how they're all connected, or what Estelle has in store for them. I'm certainly looking forward to finding out! So, without further ado...


Jenny Milchman said...

This sounds like a very intriguing book. I'm glad you shared it!

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Hi, Sophie!
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Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming over, and for leaving your links. I'm following you all on GFC now! :)

Michelle, I've just entered your giveaway. Thanks!

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