Tuesday 2 August 2011

Review: Keeping Grace Alive by Annie Lee

For the past five years, accomplished hit man Jessie Conners has been secretly in love with Gracie Talbot, stepdaughter of his boss, Rudy Talbot. Rudy is head of America’s largest crime ring and due to Gracie’s perceived meddling in Rudy’s business and political affairs, Rudy wants her dead. As usual, Rudy turns to his number one hit man, Jessie, to make the kill.
Jessie and Gracie met during a chance encounter five years ago and Jessie has yet to tell Gracie he has feelings for her. Jessie is faced with the gut wrenching decision to either assassinate the woman he loves to keep himself and his crew in Rudy’s good graces or to attempt to save Gracie, thereby risking everything and ensuring that he, Gracie, and his crew would spend the rest of their lives running from Rudy and his mercenaries. (via amazon.com)

Keeping Grace Alive is truly an excellent book. So good, in fact, that I managed to finish it in just two days – a reading accomplishment which doesn't happen with me very often! The characters are well developed and believable, and Annie takes the reader through each event clearly with wonderful description so we really feel as if we're in the midst of all the action. And there is plenty of action of every kind to be had!

This is a beautiful romantic tale of two people, Jessie and Gracie, who essentially fall in love at first sight. Jessie endeavours to rescue Gracie from her dangerous and manipulative step father, Rudy, and enlists the help of his friends and fellow hit men to get the task done, so they can all start a new life far away and hidden. These friends are excellent – especially one called Bubba who I found completely endearing. Mix in some great action scenes and some beautiful locations, and you have a gripping story which keeps you guessing at every turn.

Overall, an exciting romantic suspense novel many will enjoy. Highly recommended!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

If you would like to know more about Annie Lee and purchase a copy of Keeping Grace Alive, visit her webpage: annieleenovelist.com.